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Social NOT Selfish Media: 5 Reasons Why You Should Share Other People's Content

It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me. 

Taylor Swift wrote Anti-Hero about me*, because I’m guilty of posting and running, wherein I share my content on social media but seldom do the same for others. 

It’s not that I have nefarious intentions; I just don’t make the time. Bad on me, because it’s not only nice to spread the wealth, it’s good for business, too. 

Today, I present five compelling reasons why you should make sharing people’s content a part of your social media strategy.

*I’ve reached out to Taylor’s people requesting that she release a statement confirming this, and all I’ve gotten are crickets.

1. Builds Community and Networks

No matter what platform you’re on—Facebook, X, Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok, LinkedIn, or YouTube—sharing content from others helps build a sense of community. 

It shows that you are not just there to broadcast your messages (guilty as charged) but are also interested in what others have to say. By sharing content that resonates with your audience, you help create a network of shared interests and values. 

This reciprocity often leads to others sharing your content in return, expanding your reach and influence.

2. Positions You as a Thought Leader

There are worse monikers than “Thought Leader.” For example, “Schmuck.”

Curating and sharing insightful content from various sources can establish you as a thought leader in your field. It demonstrates that you are well-informed and stay updated with the latest trends and discussions. 
People often look up to those who can provide a diverse range of information and perspectives, making you a go-to source in your industry.

Again, much better to be known as a thought leader than a schmuck. 

3. Increases Engagement

Content sharing can significantly boost engagement on your profile.

There are nearly 5 billion social media users worldwide, which is 4,545 Rhode Islands. That means you have the opportunity to engage with a lot of people. People are drawn to accounts that offer a mix of original and curated content. 

Sharing others' work encourages interactions through likes, comments, and further shares, creating a more dynamic and interactive social media presence.

4. Enhances Content Variety

As much as I enjoy writing, generating original content can be time-consuming. 

For business owners who need to focus their energy on growing their business, creating content is challenging. Another incentive for sharing others' content is that you can diversify your content stream and provide your audience with a richer and more varied experience. 

This variety keeps your audience engaged and interested, as they get to see different types of content that still align with their interests.

5. Supports and Acknowledges Others

Someone smarter than me said, “Generosity is currency.” 

In the social media world, acknowledgement and support go a long way. By sharing someone else's content, you are giving them a nod of appreciation and recognition, and people like to be appreciated and recognized. 

There’s a lot to be said about good will. 

A note to myself and to you: the next time you come across a post, article, or video that you find insightful or interesting, don’t hesitate to comment and hit that share button.

Remember, social media is at its best when it’s social, not selfish.

Sharing my passion through words is my craft, and I could add value by helping you voice yours. Contact me here, at or 224-645-2748.

About the Author, David Telisman

I am a Writer and Content Creator, and I work with businesses to inspire their customers to buy from them. I believe that my clients deserve to feel proud of how their content marketing looks and what it says, and I deliver by providing expert copywriting and marketing solutions.

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