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I consider myself beyond lucky to have found a professional like David to work with. I was on version 3.0 of my website and was in search for someone to “get” my vision, as well as what my firm and I actually do. David was the only one that did “ see” my vision and turn it into one amazing website. David is not only professional, attentive, and talented, but genuinely a nice person to work with! What David and his team created is a marvelous, elegant, hip website that I receive compliments on every time the subject comes up. My clients get what we do and who we are, and that is all credited to what David was able to create.
Andreea Pfeifer, Owner of girlFriday
David is just what a small business needs--insightful with the strategy and careful with the small details. He adds that missing flair that you knew you needed but couldn't quite figure out how to communicate.
Stephen Kohler (CEO & Founder of Audira Labs, LLC), Michelle Zenner Kohler (CMO of Audira Labs, LLC)
David was an integral player for our newly created website. He was able to understand our needs and communicate them well. He is a fantastic writer and very thorough. He spearheaded the project from beginning to end with the web designer and was able to keep us on track. I enjoyed working with David and highly recommend him.
Jennifer Zislis, At Your Service Maintenance
David's range of writing is on full display in his blog posts on ChicagoNow. His voice and messaging about parenting, politics, and current events are humorous and poignant, and inspire discussion and debate.
Jimmy Greenfield, ChicagoNow Community Manager
David is a joy. His article ideas are spot on with his audience and his writing carries through on its promise. Always a good read.
Tamara O'Shaughnessy, Chicago Parent Magazine Editor & Associate Publisher
David has a way with words, not only in being able to create a story but to express the passion behind my company's mission.
Alex Carlson, CrossFit RPE Owner