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What You Should Expect When You Hire A Blogger

I’m always amazed when prospects tell me why the blogger they fired didn’t work out. That person wasn’t a good fit, they say, because the blogger wasn’t qualified. When they unpack that, the reasons are pretty consistent. I’m going to discuss those and what you should expect when you hire a blogger.

You should expect that a blogger has some experience writing about your industry. You’d be surprised how often I hear someone say, the last blogger just didn’t understand my industry or my business. I could see how being hired to write about an industry and business one doesn’t understand can present a problem. Requesting writing samples is a good start because you can gauge their level of expertise. However, that doesn’t mean that they know your business and your audience, so you should expect that they will schedule a discovery session with you to learn about those. 

You should expect that your blogger will do the heavy lifting. My jaw drops each time I hear a prospect say that they had to do most of the work. Their blogger requested content, outlines, and ideas. That’s kind of like a GI doctor expecting a patient to self-perform a colonoscopy. I mean, what a colossal waste of time and money. You should expect that your blogger comes up with the topics and does the writing, leveraging you appropriately and sparingly. 

You should expect that your blogger creates a publishing schedule or content calendar and honors your deadlines. Your customers rely on you to deliver, and you should rely on your blogger to do the same. 

You should expect that your blogger to be responsive. If you have a question or feedback about a post, you need to hear back. Additionally, it's a best practice for a blogger to schedule a 30 minute check in each month or 6 weeks. A blogger is hired to ghost write not ghost you. 

Dependable bloggers possess these basic professional characteristics. To fall short of these and place the burden on you defies logic. My father, may he rest in peace, would respond to something illogical by saying, “What’s the point?”

What’s the point in being a blogger if you’re not going to show up? You deserve to hire someone who’s dependable. 

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About the Author, David Telisman
I am a Writer and Content Creator, and I work with businesses to inspire their customers to buy from them. I believe that my clients deserve to feel proud of how their content marketing looks and what it says, and I deliver by providing expert copywriting and email marketing solutions.



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