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Yes, Your Business Needs a Blog

Two adjectives of the same stripe that you want people to use when describing your business are "reliable" and "dependable."
Customers that feel this way, are customers you'll have for life. 

From their point of view, what makes businesses so reliable and dependable, beyond service, is that these customers can count on them for helpful content, which shows that they care. 

Blogging is a proven content vehicle that not only customers appreciate, but your greater audience as well. 

“Blogging is such a scalable and affordable approach that it's the third-most-common content marketing strategy for businesses. And, marketers that prioritize blogging see 13-times the ROI of businesses that don't,” according to HubSpot.

So, if you’re wondering if your business needs a blog, the answer is yes. If you need more convincing, read on.

You Will Stay Top-of-Mind

If you want people talking about your business, you need to show up.

Let’s unpack that. 

If you meet someone interesting at a networking event and give them your card (hopefully we’re one step closer to doing that in person again), they’ll visit your website. The goal is to sustain their attention, so that they contact you or convert in another way. If they see that you regularly post high-quality, original content, the chances are much greater that this will happen. 

Showing up also means that your blog posts will make you more visible on Google because The Google rewards content that’s written well and contains the right keywords

Your Audience Will Appreciate Learning Useful Things

Wirecutter by The New York Times is a very useful how-to blog. I like the How to Clean category because it teaches you how to clean items you may think are hopelessly dirty. I was considering replacing my cast iron skillets because I thought they were rusty. Not so! It was merely build-up and could be cleansed using a certain technique that I learned by reading my first Wirecutter post. 

As a result, I subscribed to their blog, and I read more New York Times stories.  

Your Content Will Be Shared

Now, this is the stuff. 

It’s one thing for people to read your blog--which is a great start--but when they share your posts, that’s taking it to the next level. 

Viral traffic and market growth are buzz terms you want to achieve. Imagine a world where your audience is sharing your blog link to their followers via social media or email, broadening your reach exponentially. Talk about being perceived as an industry leader. 

This is very attainable if you blog with intention. 

Make Sure People Read It

You can’t make someone read your blog post. 

Or can you? 

If all you do is post it to your website then you’ll get few readers. But if you share your blog link on social media and email it to your contacts, people will likelier check it out. Services like Constant Contact and Mailchimp make this process easy.

Make blogging one of your business New Year's resolutions.

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