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Hey Media: Do Your F***ing Job And Report The Truth About The Israel/Hamas War

Photo Credit: Guy MoradPhoto Credit: Guy Morad
On Sunday, December 31, nearly three full months since Hamas terrorists rampaged through Southeast Israel, committing murder, rape, and kidnapping, The New York Times published a frontpage story called ‘Screams Without Words’: Sexual Violence on Oct.7.


Finally—after the first-hand accounts from the Israelis who survived, the images we all saw of young women’s bloodied crotches, and the videos that the demented terrorists live-streamed using their victims’ phones on their social media accounts for their families to see—The Times ran the story that Jews were waiting for.    

Finally, staffers, readers and champions of women’s rights would come into alignment that rape as a weapon of war is a violation of human rights.

Except that was a bridge too far.

Some loud voices in the newsroom cried bias and made enough noise to cause the audio producers of The Daily (The Times’ podcast), to cancel the airing of this story.

Evidently, there are New York Times journalists, editors, and producers who “believe the women” and those who “believe the women as long as they’re not Jewish.”

This is bigger than media bias against Israel. It at best questions and at worst denies the legitimacy of sexual assault that happened in plain sight. It rewards and incentivizes more global antisemitism when each month’s new record of incidents in every country is shattering the last.

News stories and headlines have consequences and so do the lack thereof.

New York Times

  • This headline and story from October 8 sanitize the barbarity of what actually happened the day before.

  • Palestinian militants and Hamas are not the same. Militants engage in combat and aggression in support of a political or social cause. This is not Hamas. Hamas is an internationally recognized terrorist group whose only M.O., per their charter and actions, is the destruction of the State of Israel and the ethnic cleansing of Jews worldwide.

  • Hamas did not stage an attack; they attempted a genocide and took hostages, including babies and the elderly.


Israel-Hamas war has now killed at least 30,000 Palestinians, most of them civilians

  • The problem with this headline and story is that these numbers come from the Hamas-run Health Ministry and cannot be independently verified. Hamas are terrorists who so cynically sacrifice Gazans to win the only war they can—the PR one, and it’s working.

  • 30,000, a figure that is likely inflated, includes Hamas terrorists killed in fighting, as well as civilians they forcefully use as human shields and those killed by misfired Hamas rockets. 


More than 100 killed amid Israeli gunfire and panic at Gaza food lines, Palestinian officials and witnesses say

  • As we learned later that day, Gazans were killed in a stampede as they overran and looted 38 trucks carrying aid. Many were also run over by the trucks. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) was not involved.

  • In a separate incident and location, IDF soldiers were securing another convoy of trucks to prevent Hamas terrorists from stealing aid. As the terrorists crept closer, soldiers fired warning shots, and when that didn’t deter them, the soldiers fired at the mobs lower extremities, causing fewer than 10 casualties.

  • CNN took the word of “Palestinian officials”, which is a subterfuge for the Hamas-run Health Ministry. That the media outlet and so many others take the word of terrorists is an indictment of their haphazard journalistic standards. 

The facts and occasional retractions don’t seem to matter, because they come after these damning headlines sweep across social media and are left in the dust. 

Stories That Deserve Much More Attention 

Hamas Breaking Ceasefires - No one, including the IDF wants the humanitarian crisis in Gaza to continue. At the same time, it seems that everyone with the exception of the majority of Jews and our allies who are few, has forgotten about the 136 Israeli hostages. This is why there’s a war, and for Israel to submit to a permanent ceasefire and allow Hamas to remain in power would be comparable to the US in World War II leaving concentration camps unliberated and a quarter of The Third Reich operational.

Remember that there was a ceasefire on October 6, and Hamas broke it the next day. There was also a temporary ceasefire, yet Hamas continued to fire rockets at Israeli civilians. There is a ceasefire deal on the table right now that Israel, Qatar, Egypt, and the US endorse, that in exchange for 40 hostages, Israel will release 700 Palestinian prisoners, including at least 100 terrorists serving life sentences. But Hamas refuses to sign on unless Israel stops its military operations altogether. That is a non-starter.  

Displaced Israelis - There are 250,000 displaced Israelis (3% of the country’s population), including communities near Gaza and along the border of Lebanon. They are homeless, and many lost people on October 7.

Israel is being attacked on many fronts: Hamas from the Southeast, Hezbollah from the North, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades from the West, and now the Houthis from the Red Sea.

UNWRA/Hamas Collusion - The United Nations has never made any bones about its distaste for Israel. In Israel’s 75 years of statehood, the UN has passed dozens of resolutions in some form or another to delegitimize the Jewish homeland, wounding its global reputation. Most recently, the UN’s International Court of Justice allowed South Africa, a nation with its own heinous human rights record, to bring charges of genocide against Israel.

But the UN has an UNWRA problem. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNWRA) is supposed to provide human development and humanitarian services focusing on education, health care, relief and social services, and infrastructure improvement to Palestinians. It has a budget of $1.6 billion, of which $422 million comes from the US.

One would think that $1.6 billion plus the $2 billion that Hamas earns annually would be invested into the wellbeing of its civilian population. Except it’s not. Gaza has a poverty rate of 80% because Hamas steals from its people to build tunnels and buy weapons to murder Israelis. The UN is well aware of this, yet it continues to funnel money into the hands of Hamas, completely defeating the mission of UNWRA.

The biggest bombshell are reports of at least a dozen UNWRA employees who worked with Hamas to participate in the October 7 attack. Earlier this month, the IDF released audio recordings of employees bragging. Yousef al-Hawajara, a Hamas terrorist who worked as a teacher at an UNRWA school in Deir al-Balah, is heard saying on one of them, “We have female hostages, I captured one!...“Everything’s fine I hope. We will enter Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

The IDF and Shin Bet also discovered a Hamas data center operating 20 meters directly below Gaza’s UNRWA headquarters in one of the terrorist group’s tunnels. A media tour was conducted, during which Israeli commanders identified to journalists, among other things, electrical rooms, computer servers, and hard drives. Most shocking, is that above ground inside the actual UNRWA complex, soldiers found a weapons cache, as well as equipment and documents indicating that the same offices were also used by Hamas terrorists. Additionally, there were cables connecting from UNRWA’s server room to the Hamas data center below, which had been severed.

“Someone who works at UNRWA, who is supposed to care for human rights, to care for the welfare of the population in Gaza, shouldn’t rush to disconnect all the DVRs, the cameras, cut all the wires and take all the computers. These are the actions of someone who knew the army was coming and wanted to hide the evidence,” said Col. Benny Aharon, commander of the 401st Brigade.

To sum up, the same UN that has been condemning Israel for 75 years and whose court is trying Israel for genocide is in collusion with a terrorist organization that just attempted a genoice against Jews and has repeatedly said that there are more attacks to come.

How can the media be so wrong and irresponsible about Israel? It’s the question of the century that leaves so many of us feeling baffled and devalued. I’ll give the last word to Yaakov Katz, senior fellow at the Jewish People Policy Institute:

“We must ask ourselves why it is that so many around the world prefer the fabrications of Hamas to the facts to be found on the ground. There is no answer that is satisfactory.”

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