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The Consequences Of Pausing Your Blog

You may have noticed that my blog has gone AWOL for the last eight weeks or so, or maybe you haven't because, you know, you have a life.

For those of you who have waited with bated breath for my content only to be disappointed when it didn’t arrive over the transom, I am sorry. For those who couldn’t care less, well, no harm no foul.

The consequences of my lack of production were lower monthly visits to my website by 2,000 and a decrease in engagement on my social media channels. I slacked on my marketing, and this matters because I’ve missed an opportunity to stay top-of-mind for my target audience. Plus, I feel like a schmuck for not setting a good example as a content creator. 

I share my cautionary tale because pausing your blog can negatively impact your business, and below I discuss how. 

Less Traffic To Your Website

Your company’s website is the center of your online presence, and you pay for a domain name, design, hosting, and maintenance so that your audience can find you and learn why you’re the right business for them. 

Blogging consistently drives traffic to your website, and the more visitors you have, the more you increase your chances of generating leads and converting them into customers. I’ll never stop emphasizing this data point: companies that blog regularly compared to companies that don’t average 55% more web visitors

So, it’s stating the obvious that pausing your blogging will lead to a dip in traffic, thus disrupting your ability to attract new business. 

Your Content Isn’t Shared

Sharing content on social media is like getting a Mogwai wet: it multiplies. Not only do all of your followers see it, but if it’s good they will share it with their followers, and if they feed it after midnight...okay, enough Gremlins references. 

A blog that’s shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc., can be a touchpoint, a marketing term meaning any time a potential customer or customer comes in contact with your brand. According to the eternally caffeinated Neil Patel, 12 million people blog on social media networks, so your channels and connections are waiting for you...for now. 

I mentioned in the intro that my social media engagement has decreased during my blogging drought that started on August 9. I don’t want to do the calculation, but that’s a lot of missed touchpoints. 

Your SEO Takes A Hit

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of making your website found more easily organically rather than by paid ads. And wouldn’t you know, blogging is one of the best forms of SEO?

SEO organically attracts readers to your blog and boosts your website’s visibility. Let’s say a business owner is considering giving their blog a rest, and they type “What are the consequences of pausing your blog” into the Google. They’ll find this blog post, unless I forgot to publish it. 

Readers who are interested in topics in your industry will search keywords, and if you blog early and often, their search will take them to your blog page. 

You Convey Apathy

If the purpose of a blog is to educate and inform and demonstrate your industry leadership--which it is--then what kind of message are you sending when you put on the blogging breaks? 

As I’ve previously written, this is a bad idea and shows that your content is not a priority, which instills doubt in your customers. They’ve relied on you for your consistency and knowledge-sharing, another way that you’ve built trust. You’ll risk opening the door for them to be enticed by your competitor’s blogs. 

Don’t jeopardize your relationships.

If I’ve scared you, then mission accomplished. There’s too much at stake when you stray from such a proven marketing tactic. Like I did, it’s time to apply a defibrillator to your blog and shock it back to life.

Next up...“How To Unpause Your Blog”, which I promise you won’t have to wait another two months to read.

About the Author, David Telisman
I am a Writer and Content Creator, and I work with businesses to inspire their customers to buy from them. I believe that my clients deserve to feel proud of how their content marketing looks and what it says, and I deliver by providing expert content writing and email marketing solutions.

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