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Blogging Makes You The Expert

To be recognized as an expert is pretty dope. Of course it depends on what. If you're an expert ne’er-do-well or double-parker (which I’ve suddenly become as a symptom of middle-age), then you’re not putting your expertise to good use. I’ll assume positive intent because I know my readers are seasoned professionals, you’re excellent at what you do, but you may require some marketing-nudging in spreading the word. One of the best and most proven ways of demonstrating your expertise is by blogging. Read on to learn how blogging makes you the expert.

Blogging Makes You Industry-Erudite 
Let me start by saying that there’s no good reason to ever use the word erudite. It’s the snobbiest synonym possible for knowledgeable, and it’s just so damn...erudite. I needed a tangent, and this is the 4th and last time I’ll use the word erudite.

The point is that writing about your industry educates your audience on best practices, latest trends, news, and laws to help them with their business. For example, a client of mine owns an outsourced HR company, and we often blog about changes to Illinois employment laws that directly affect her target audience of small business clients. A business owner that receives a post about the Illinois Equal Pay Act update that prohibits employers to ask job candidates how much money they make, is very informative and shows that my client is in the know.
It Demonstrates Mastery of Services
If your pipeline is heating up, it would behoove you to write about your services to your segment of prospects. A plumber might create a post on the process of rooting clogged drains. A sign-maker could write about which businesses are the best fit for vehicle wrap branding. Describing your services gives you credibility and underscores that you are a problem-solver.


Because blogging is very soft marketing, don’t directly sell your services. Blogging is not about promoting you. Sure, I gave examples of my services in the previous paragraph, but notice that I didn’t make a, “And if you hire me in the next 20 minutes, I’ll make you the expert!” sales pitch.
Blogging Builds Trust
Blogging can bring to bear the marketing adage: People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Along with industry and service knowledge, connecting with your audience builds trust, an invaluable and essential skill of an expert. Blogging early and often, coupled with an intentional marketing strategy, conveys reliability, a quality that every customer and prospect seeks.

Blogging works. Marketing works. Trust the process. Stake your claim as the authority in your professional space. Now go get top of mind to the world.

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