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Another Day In Pandemic Paradise - Episode 7: "Comfort Works Against Initiative"

That’s Ruben Navarrette, and if I were to read all of his credentials, it would be longer than the interview itself. Here’s the abridged version: Ruben is a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post Writers Group,  Columnist for The Daily Beast, Member of the USA Today Board of Contributors--relax Republicans--,Fox News Commentator, Fellow at the George W. Bush Institute--relax Democrats--host of the “Navarrette Nation” Podcast, author of A Darker Shade of Crimson: Odyssey of a Harvard Chicano, and he’s the most widely-read Latino columnist in the country. 

And, full disclosure: Ruben is married to my Dad’s brother’s step-daughter, which does not make us absolutely nothing. I’m not going to explain that reference because you should know it. 

The point is that Ruben is family. I don’t always agree with what he says or writes, and you’ll see that bear out in our interview. But that’s okay. Debate is healthy. Coexistence is possible without full alignment. Still, it pisses me off that he gets to live in San Diego, and I’m in Illinois. 

The topic of our discussion is his oped that appeared in the West Central Tribune from earlier this month titled: “COVID-19 is introducing us to someone we haven't met.”

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