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Is Mental Health an Adventure? An Interview with Lise Schleicher

Have you ever wondered what Depression feels like? If you have it, you might have trouble articulating it, and if you don't, this video will serve as a helpful education. In this interview, I sit down with Lise Schleicher, owner of BasketWorks and a mental health advocate about her experience living with Depression.  She offers simple and helpful advice to help people better understand and respond to those living with mental illness.

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Here are the links referenced in the interview:

Lise's presentation on Depression to her temple

The Peyton Heart Project


About the Author, David Telisman

I am a Writer and Content Creator with a passion for mental health awareness and advocacy. I have written extensively on the subject, in addition to serving clients in other verticals. I understand that you deserve to feel proud of how your content marketing looks and what it says, and I deliver by providing expert copywriting and digital marketing solutions.  



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