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Another Day In Pandemic Paradise Episode 4: "Feeling Pretty Chill"

Geoff “The MacMentor” Horwitz is maintaining his Zen in spite of the tumult. He’s grateful that his son left Italy before that nation went on lockdown, that the rest of the kids are home, and that he’s able to pivot his service-delivery from in-person meetings--which he misses dearly--to virtual sessions. 

That’s Geoff Horwitz, Chief Mentor at The MacMentor. Geoff teaches people how to use their Apple devices, and he knows everything there is to know about all things Apple. He’s also a wonderful friend and advocate to me and someone who helps keep me centered. Most importantly, he introduced me to the best red wine I’ve ever tasted: Clio. Not to be confused with the late psychic, Ms. Cleo, may she rest in peace. Don’t think that number’s still in service.

Okay, back to Geoff.

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