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Another Day In Pandemic Paradise Episode 1: "So, How Are You?"

That’s Amy. She’s proof that Facebook’s real mission isn’t to foster connection, but to illuminate the beauty mismatch between husbands and wives. 

This ZoomCast is about connection, especially exploring new ones with people you already know. I’ve reached out to so many people in the last month to ask the simple yet gargantuan question: How are you?  When I came up for air, I realized there was someone who didn’t make the cut: my wife. 

Due to the COVID-19 chaos, I’m learning that it’s not uncommon for partners to forget to check in with each other, especially if you’re sheltering in place with kids. And if you’re single and sheltering in place alone, you’re not important. I’m kidding. You are. Not really. 

The point is that so much togetherness has had the unintended consequence of moving us apart. Don’t worry. We’re good. We’re happy. We just haven’t communicated much with each other about each other. For that reason, I chose Amy to be my first guest. Turns out she made the most important cut. 

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